Ryan D. Avatar

5 star rating This gym has a wide variety of equipment for all types of workouts as well as fun and challenging classes for all levels. I've been a member since I moved to the area 6 years ago and have enjoyed working out there.

Ryan D. 3/02/2022
Chantal B. Avatar

5 star rating This gym is great! The owner and all staff are super friendly and personable. Even the members are friendly and always willing to spot or assist if asked. There is a little of everything there from barbells to free weights, boxing bag and speed bag, or machines. Out of all of the gyms I have been to, this is by far the best in the area.

Chantal B. 2/27/2021
Sheila W. Avatar

5 star rating South Beach Fitness is the best gym that I have every belonged to in my 30+ years in the Health and Fitness Industry and as a Client! The owner and staff are extremely knowledgeable, educated and friendly! It's a true family/fun atmosphere with the best equipment that money can buy! The classes and instructors are exceptional and are always keeping up with the latest fitness trends to keep members improving and motivated. The owner goes above and beyond to make every member feel welcome, safe and appreciated! She has gone above and beyond to ensure that this gym is spotless and above all COVID cleaning and standards to keep members safe and healthy! As I always say, It's the best part of my day

Sheila W. 8/14/2020
Steven R. Avatar

5 star rating Great gym! I've been a member at South Beach Fitness since 2005. All of the staff members at the gym are extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Their group fitness classes are top notch, the instructors motivate you and make working out and getting in shape fun. The equipment is in great condition and well maintained. The restrooms are clean as is the rest of the facility. They have recently added a Recovery area with Massage Chairs and Hydromassage, and Red-light therapy, which has really helped my back pain and and now I finish every workout in there! Recently I have branched out and started working with their personal training staff and found them to be just as knowledgeable, motivated and helpful as the group fitness instructors. South Beach provides a low pressure, fun and friendly environment for people to work out in.

Steven R. 3/29/2022
Nicole W. Avatar

5 star rating I've been coming to SouthBeach Fitness for 17 years.There's a community feel that you can't get just anywhere.I appreciate everyone at SouthBeach going above and beyond to create that atmosphere.Thankyou Guys,for all of your hard work to keep us all coming back for a great workout,and making me feel like a part of the family

Nicole W. 3/29/2022
Ryan F. Avatar

5 star rating Super cool gym, friendly staff, owner is down to earth, very clean. I enjoy working out here even with covid-19 due to the cleanliness.

Ryan F. 8/20/2020
eya funn Avatar

Live this gym!! My favorite one beach side. Lots of motivation here. Plenty of quite areas and tons of equipment. 24 hour access is a huge seller for me.

eya funn 7/18/2021
The U Canes Avatar

Just got a membership here and I absolutely love this place! The staff at the door are super friendly and I can bring a friend for only 5$! Will definitely be going here for a long time!

The U Canes 7/06/2021
Alena M. Avatar

5 star rating Love all you guys are doing while everything is closed right now! Your service is always great and this is why I prefer local businesses over the chains. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about joining!

Alena M. 4/10/2020
Aggi K. Avatar

5 star rating I love South Beach Fitness. I've been a gym member for over six years. All the amenities you need in a gym and more, I highly recommend trying out a day pass!

Aggi K. 2/24/2020
Yvette C. Avatar

5 star rating I love the massage chairs and I love that it is not busy during the time that I go everybody's very polite the equipment is a little on the older side but they all work great so no complaints from me and I also love that they have sanitizers everywhere around they have personal trainers it's very convenient in a great location lots of parking and good prices

Yvette C. 8/01/2022
Alena M. Avatar

5 star rating This gym always has a great community feel and all the members talk to each other and know each other. The class instructors are all welcoming and great and their new platinum recovery lounge with hydro massage, red light therapy, and massage chairs is a place I could spend my whole day. The one time fee of $25 for unlimited 24 hour access is a great deal and I would highly recommend this gym to any of my friends.

Alena M. 4/02/2022
Craig W. Avatar

5 star rating This is a little smaller gym but super high end equipment and really cool environment to workout in. Go here for a juicy pump when your at the beach

Overlooks Lincoln Rd.

Craig W. 7/27/2022
Alena M. Avatar

5 star rating Love all you guys are doing while everything is closed right now! Your service is always great and this is why I prefer local businesses over the chains. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about it!

Alena M. 4/01/2020