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At South Beach Fitness we understand that your fitness goals are important, and an important part of reaching your fitness goals is effective athletic recovery. That’s why we provide complimentary science based recovery services with your platinum membership


An infrared sauna is a sort of combination of a traditional dry sauna and a red light therapy machine. It has the soothing Nordic look of a sauna, but it uses red light to generate heat, rather than rocks warmed by a heater. While traditional saunas are used to draw toxins from the body through sweating, infrared saunas are designed to irradiate your skin with light at a certain wavelength. This wavelength stimulates energy production within your cells, leading to a wide range of benefits.



 We've had a lot of people ask about zero gravity chair benefits. What are the benefits and how can a zero gravity chair help you?

NASA initially discovered the zero gravity position and it gets its name from being an imitation of the posture of astronauts inside a space shuttle upon liftoff. The zero gravity position is meant to mimic weightlessness.

While the name ‘zero gravity position’ gives the reader an impression that it has something to do with defying gravitational principles, it's simply about a reclined position in a chair.

The zero gravity position distributes the weight of your body evenly across the chair.  

According to the manufacturers of zero gravity massage chairs, this position can heighten the massage experience hence providing deeper relief from physical and mental stresses.

Well, it looks like the manufacturers are right! There are indeed plenty of observed benefits of zero gravity massage chairs that people are not aware of.

1. Helps Improve Posture.

One of the most unexpected benefits of zero gravity chairs is an improved posture. The zero gravity position has scientifically proven to improve the posture of the body by decompressing the spine.

This one, in particular, is our favorite because it is not as obvious and works behind the scenes. All in all, the posture gets improved due to the correction of the misalignments in your shoulders and neck.

2. Lower Back Pain Relief

Another zero gravity chair benefit is lower back pain relief. The zero gravity position can help with lower back pain by taking the pressure off the lower back. This can be beneficial for anyone with lower back pain.

3. Can Help Regulate High Blood Pressure

The blood pressure of a person remains down when a person is totally relaxed and feels good. The feelings are similar to that of finishing a fruitful yoga workout. A zero gravity chair can give the same sensations by helping you relax. As a result of this, the blood pressure remains constant and the heartbeats in a constant rhythm.

4. Reduction of Anxiety, Tension, and Stress

According to a number of studies, stress can be alleviated by massage therapy. Moreover, ongoing research on the effects of massage therapy on stress and anxiety still continues to reap interesting results. Today, massage therapists all over the globe acknowledge the benefits.

A zero gravity massage chair can provide a heightened massage experience to the user hence providing great relief from the stresses that build in the body from daily activities. Such a massage does not only provide physical relief but is also great for the mind.

5. Relaxes and Loosens Sore Muscles

The human body can be considered as a smart machine. When the body gets exertion beyond its capacity, the muscles in the body get sore and stiff. This signals an immediate stop in the exertion. Using these signals, one can keep the body under check and control.

Having a zero gravity massage chair in your house can be a great way to get relief from sore muscles. Nowadays, we tend to do plenty of tasks where over-exertion is quite likely. This is especially true for those who play sports, workout in the gym or do labor work on a regular basis.

6. Improve the Flow of Blood

There are two primary components in the zero gravity massage chair that help in improving the blood circulation. The first component of this chair is a mechanical massage feature. This is where the massage chair primarily gets its name from.

The massage techniques included within most of the zero gravity massage chairs include rolling, tapping, gripping, shiatsu, and kneading. Most of these techniques involve the movement of some specific areas of the chair so as to induce a relaxing effect. Consequently, it improves the flow of the blood.

As far as the improvement of the blood circulation goes, there are countless benefits of it. These benefits include:

  • A speedy recovery from injuries
  • Elimination of toxins
  • It stimulates the endorphins in the body that ultimately allow the body to cope with stress and pain.
  • The second component of these chairs is the zero gravity position which usually comes in the premium massage chair. In the zero gravity position, the blood reaches to various different body parts as a result of which circulation is further improved throughout the body.

7. Help Boost the Immune System

According to studies, a massage that lasts for 45 minutes can increase lymphocyte production in the human body. These are white blood cells that have the role of defending the body against various diseases. These cells are primarily responsible for the immune response of the body to threats.

When there is an increased production of lymphocytes in the body, it is much easier to recover from sickness and to avoid it altogether. As a result of this, the body’s immune system gets boosted up.

8. Mobilize Lymphatic Circulation

The lymphatic circulation in the human body plays an important role in the overall blood flow. The lymphatic system can be considered as the drainage network because of which the fluids in our body remain balance. Moreover, it also provides protection from several types of infections. One good way to think of it is to say that it is the drainage system of the body which collects the waste products.

While the white blood cells can be pumped all across the body by the force generated by the heart, there is no such pumping force behind the lymphatic circulation. Rather these fluids move around due to the contraction of muscles and breathing. A massage is hence a great way to get this fluid moving in various parts of the body.

9. Helps with Headaches and Pain

In general, massage chairs happen to have a good record of getting rid of various types of pains that includes common body aches, chronic back pain and shoulder pain, and headaches.

This is because the body experiences a decrease in the cortisone levels in the body as a result of the massage while increasing the serotonin by 28% on average. Serotonin is a hormone that works as a pain reliever and induces relaxation.

For specific types of pain, there are a number of massage chairs that are specifically designed for this very purpose.

According to the testimonies that have been obtained from sufferers of body pain, we can conclude that massage chairs can either reduce chronic pain or eliminate it totally.

10. Improve Flexibility

Another benefit of zero gravity massage chairs is that they improve the flexibility in the body. They do this by combating conditions such as a trigger point, which are known to decrease the body’s flexibility.


Are you feeling stressed? Sore? You Need A Massage!

Hydromassage is a great way to relax, relieve tension and soothe sore muscles. It’s the perfect massage for people who are on the go, can’t commit to a full-hour treatment, or are tired of paying the high prices of traditional massage. The pulsating heated water jets will kneed out the toughest cramps and soothe the sorest muscles, and because there is no need to get undressed, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in front of strangers.