Sarah Renwick Avatar
Sarah Renwick
Great local gym! Community vibe and lots of classes to choose from too.
Peggy Smith Avatar
Peggy Smith
Convenient class times! Great instructors! Hoping classes resume soon but glad the gym is being cautious about starting the group fitness classes back up again!
Larry Bradshaw Avatar
Larry Bradshaw
I moved to Satellite Beach in the spring of 2017 and needed to find a great local gym. My research lead me to South Beach Fitness. I've now been a member for about a year and half and I workout there 2 to 3 times a week. The front-desk staff... read more
Chad Colbert Avatar
Chad Colbert
Wow! I've been a member at this gym for over a year and just had reason to look up their phone number online today and came across these reviews. I know they say 1 bad experience is worth 10 good ones and only those bad experiences bother to post so... read more
Stephanie Carlson Avatar
Stephanie Carlson
Favorite Vacation Gym when we visit florida now two years in a row. We get the week pass. I love how clean the gym is and they have enough equipment for almost any type of fitness level.
Reise Nellius Avatar
Reise Nellius
One of my favorite environments the lift in. 3.8 overall stars is surprising. This place is a community of avid fitness people. When you miss the gym for a week or two, people notice. They’re happy to see you back in the gym and everyone builds each other up. Great... read more
Damien Share Avatar
Damien Share
Friendly staff. Friendly atmosphere. Dumbbells to 120. Tons of cardio equipment and classes. Love my experience at South Beach Fitness for over a year.
Ben Kendall Avatar
Ben Kendall
Very friendly gym, fully equipped, and many fitness classes. I agree with others that it is very clean and the members wipe down the equipment after using. Also South Beach has a 24 hour access option and internet.
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Kevin ephraim Avatar
Kevin ephraim
Great gym no complaints but I unfortunately had to cancel my membership today cause I couldn’t take the bullying and the rudeness from a trainer name Matt don’t get me wrong he is a good trainer but as a person he is horrible
Anja Angel Avatar
Anja Angel
Love this place, especially Sherry's step class and yoga class. She is a well-versed and extremely experienced trainer with an amazing heart mind and soul. Meters tabatta class is also one of the highlights of my week!! Her energy helps me persevere because this is a incense and hard class... read more
Chip Hines Avatar
Chip Hines
Friendly And knowledgeable staff, wide range of equipment. While it isn't as fancy as some gyms, you can't beat the price/value, friendly members, great range of classes and equipment. No pool, track, or cafe, but there is child care and good workout without a lot of hassle. Has spinning,... read more
Joey Avatar
South Beach Fitness was my go to gym the week I was vacationing in the Melbourne Beach area. Although I was just a short term 'guest', the staff was very friendly and helped set me up for a few gym sessions. The facility itself has everything you need... read more
Carrie Bierman Avatar
Carrie Bierman
I love South Beach fitness! It’s the best gym I’ve ever joined. Mainly because it has the family feel. The people are great : the trainers, the front desk staff, and of course the group class instructors. The owners are continuously adding new equipment and cutting... read more
Bryan M Avatar
Bryan M
Great training facility for any type of workout routine. A wide variety of cardio and weight resistance machines, but also plenty of free weights and SPACE to train. The rooms, space, and wide variety of equipment ensures their gym goers that even during peak hours that they can get their... read more
G F Avatar
Clean and well maintained gum. Had lots of free weights, dumbells stop at 120's, however could use some more 45lb plates by benches with a rack to hold them.
Sean Ralph Avatar
Sean Ralph
Amazing gym and staff but matt and his boyfriends really suck, they like to push the kind people in the gym around because they are an overgrown man child with wide shoulders. Sad
Bob Lafaro Avatar
Bob Lafaro
South Beach Fitness was wonderful! Had an extensive amount and variety of equipment to meet everyone's needs, as well as a separate "hardcore" room for intense powerlifting AND a great red-light sauna! Staff was very friendly and accommodating! Was visiting for week and felt right at home. Will definitely return... read more
Torri Iacobacci Avatar
Torri Iacobacci
Very clean and safe environment. I have been using this gym for about 6 years now and have never had an issue. They offer great classes with amazing instructors and a judge free atmosphere. One of my favorite features of this gym is the sauna!
Ken Fontanet Avatar
Ken Fontanet
One of my favorite gyms in Brevard. Very friendly staff and members, great equipment selection from hex bars and kettlebells to GHD and row ergs. The gym is well kept and always getting new equipment. One of our favorite features is the daycare; Gina and the other women are amazing... read more
William Maguire Avatar
William Maguire
People who work out are friendly. Trainers are knowledgeable. Plenty of free weights and machines. People share machines when it's busy. I've enjoyed the cycle and yoga classes. Yes, many groups have been coming to work out... week, weeks...etc.
Johnathan Smith Avatar
Johnathan Smith
Live this gym!! My favorite one beach side. Lots of motivation here. Plenty of quite areas and tons of equipment. 24 hour access is a huge seller for me.
sharkyogurt Avatar
Warm atmosphere. People are actually friendly: both the members and the staff. Loads of classes. Plenty of weights. I love that the cardio equipment faces windows. Love this place
Karen Horak Avatar
Karen Horak
I have been with South Beach since they opened, when they were by Coasters. I LOVE THIS GYM. Leave your attitude at the door--there is none of the normal machismo, drama, or weirdness there--everyone from members to staff have been most friendly. People go there to workout--so many other places... read more
Maria Avatar
Excellent facility offering everything you'd ever need for a great workout. Classes, equipment, amazing personal trainers, red light therapy bed, massage chairs, sauna...friendly people. This place offers it all.
Jonathan Cole Avatar
Jonathan Cole
Great gym everyone inside is very nice. There's no egos in the gym but as well eveybody wants a solid workout. I enjoy it. Wish they would update their bathrooms a little and sauna but all in all it's a very good gym!
Lee M Avatar
Lee M
Convenient local gym, 24hr access. Haven't had any issues with equipment and the machines that I have seen down appear to get repaired quickly. The staff have all been friendly and helpful. Haven't done any of the classes myself, but there does seem to be a good... read more
Michael Avatar
Great local gym! Convenient with 24-hr access. Good equipment, free weights, and friendly staff! 5 stars
Sarah Aloise Avatar
Sarah Aloise
I love this gym and have been a member for years. I usually do evening classes and the instructors are great. I am especially impressed at how they have handled everything since quarantine/Pandemic. They are cleaning, posting videos for members when they can't meet in person, and... read more
David Jennings Avatar
David Jennings
Great place to go workout. They even have classes you can take. Martial Arts is one of them.
Pat Fischer Avatar
Pat Fischer
This place is an outstanding gym! And I know what I’m talking about… I’ve been lifting in some of the worlds best gyms for almost 40 years… From Golds gyms to power pits; the best combo is great equipment (Hammer Strength to good cable equip & machines) to 120# DB),... read more
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