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I am a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving people’s heath and fitness goals. I started my fitness journey over 10 years ago (5 at South Beach). I started by educating myself and spending countless hours in the gym implementing what I learned with weight and cardio training. I did some research and found a graduate Kinesiology program that would allow me to learn the physiological, anatomical, bio-mechanical, and neuropsychological principles and mechanisms of movement. In layman's terms, the Kinesiology program allowed me to understand human movement, performance, and function by focusing on form and mind-muscle connection. I then became ACSM Certified for Exercise Physiology after completing my Master’s degree.

As I was reaching my personal goals, I set my sites on helping others. This part of my journey wasn’t about only helping others achieve a fitness goal, it was about teaching individuals how to train their bodies properly. Many individuals start their journey by purchasing a gym membership and working out on their own before knowing how to properly lift weights, perform cardio, and or eat properly. The most important thing I have learned through my journey is that every body type is different and responds differently to certain combinations of cardio, strength training and nutrition. Second most important, is I focus on proper form above all else. It is my job to guide you through your journey in the most effective way possible, so as not to spin your wheels haphazardly.

I am a very high-energy person, and it shines through in my training sessions. I use my knowledge and proven techniques in exercise science, cardio, and strength training to help you transform your body and meet your individualized goals. I start everyone’s journey with a personal interview to get to know you and set up realistic goals. I then create a custom nutrition, strength, and/or cardio conditioning program. Once we start on the journey, I monitor progress, offer support and encouragement, and make modifications to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

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Formal Education

  • Master’s in Kinesiology MS
  • Master’s in Education MS/li>

Professional Certifications

  • Exercise Physiology ACSM
  • Anatomy and Strength Training
  • Diet and Nutrition Coach
  • Turbulence Training