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I am a Personal Trainer specializing in Bone Health, SpeedBlast (speed and agility training) and SoccerBlast (soccer specific drills developed for English Premier League Soccer). I have a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute. My education consisted of Theory, Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition (382 hours) and hands-on practical gym instruction (218 hours).

I will work with you to develop the perfect individually tailored training program that will benefit you holistically (physically, emotionally, psychologically, aesthetically, and metabolically) in achieving your goals/objectives. My principles and ethos are “client focused” and I pride myself on working conscientiously to providing an uncompromising customer service.

I serve all demographics and abilities. In an era where stress and disease are common place, my aim is to assist you in attaining a healthy mind and body which will result in a happier and productive lifestyle. Increased levels of energy and vitality, living pain free, less stress and anxiety, resulting in you enjoying life to its maximum potential is the priority

I will work with you to give you the physique that you have always wanted, the strength levels you have always aspired for and the functionality you deserve.

I value your time and appreciate your commitment so the programs I write and the training systems I implement will maximize your time and results.

With an initial assessment such as a shoulder mobility test, I will help you determine your starting point and will work with you to establish your short and long-term goals. These assessments will include but is not limited to: Functional Movement Screening (FMS), evaluating your previous and current health history, training status and sports experiences and metabolic calculations to determine caloric intake and expenditure.

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Certifications / Education

  • Theory, Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition
  • Hands-on practical gym instruction

Fitness Proficiencies

  • Bone Health
  • SpeedBlast (speed and agility training)
  • SoccerBlast (soccer specific drills developed for English Premier League Soccer)