Interview with a Member: Ken Fontanet

How many times per week do you attend South Beach Fitness?
5-6 times per week
What is your favorite thing about South Beach Fitness?
The people, the equipment, the diversity, the atmosphere. I like it all. The trainers here are the best in town, the daycare here is the best in town. The equipment has the best variety in town. I’ve tried over ten gyms in Brevard, and this is the first one I feel fulfilled at.
Why is a healthy lifestyle important to you?
Because life is richer when you are fit and healthy. I’m a better dad, better partner, better friend, and better for my patients in Occupational Therapy.
Weights or Cardio?
Mostly strength training, but I do love the Hiitmill, sleds and battle ropes.
What is your favorite motivating quote?
The obstacle on the path becomes the way.
-Marcus Aurelius