Interview with a Member: Aggi Hall

Congratulations on your recent wins at the NPC Daytona Beach Classic 2018!

How many times per week do you attend South Beach Fitness? I attend South Beach Fitness every other day.

What is your favorite thing about South Beach Fitness? I have been coming to South Beach Fitness for over five years. I love South Beach Fitness because it’s truly a family at a local gym. The regulars become your friends like a second family and we hold each other accountable!

Why is a healthy lifestyle important to you? Besides looking great, I want to have a better quality of life. We’re all getting older and aging every day. It’s up to you to take your body to the next level. It all starts with nutrition at home. Your body is a machine, and if you treat it right, you’ll benefit the rest of your life!

Weights or Cardio? I say weights and cardio need to have a good balance. Too much cardio will wash out your muscle gains, but too much muscle training can hurt your joints. Evaluate your progress every three months by changing up your routine!

What is your favorite motivating quote? Figure it out!