Interview with a Member: Jayson Rathmann

How many times per week do you attend South Beach Fitness?
On average, six times per week.

What is your favorite thing about South Beach Fitness?
I would have to say the environment of South Beach Fitness is my favorite. Between the welcoming staff and many of the regulars that I have got to know quite well over the years, really makes you feel like you have a second family. A wide range of state of the art equipment, enough weights to go around, and a clean facility is nice too!

Why is a healthy lifestyle important to you?
A healthy lifestyle takes discipline, hard work, motivation, and dedication. To me those are all important attributes and I think living a healthy lifestyle is a good way to show it!

Weights or Cardio?

What is your favorite motivating quote?
“You aren’t who you say you are, or who you think you are, you are the thousand little decisions you make every day”