Interview with a Member: Dan Mceldowney

How many times per week do you attend South Beach Fitness?
5 days per week

What is your favorite thing about South Beach Fitness?
Favorite thing at South Beach Fitness is a combo between 24 hour access and the quality/quantity of the equipment.

Why is a healthy lifestyle important to you?
I went through a very tough time during a divorce to my first wife. At 6′, I started to lose weight rapidly until I reached an all time low of 128 lbs. I met Coach Bellak and he saw what I was going through and started to train me. Hooked ever since on every aspect from form to nutrition. To make a long story short, bodybuilding saved my life.

Weights or Cardio?
Weights with cardio for staying lean.

What are your favorite motivating quotes?
“You need to take everything that everyone says and shove it down their throats! You know why? Because it feels good! ” -Guy Cysternino IFBB Pro
“Every negative comment should trigger you into a productive action.” -Andy Frisella, Author